Tiny Whale


Get shares as a conservative individual with entry level rewards.

What’s included

Get 1,000 LRA (per share)
Get Beta Invites
Get Tokenised Equity
Limited to 5,000 users!

Choose your plan duration

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£ 10.00 GBP

What's included in this option?

Average Whale is our mid level plan to enable individuals to take part earn more with a higher entry price.

  • Get 1,000 LRA (per share acquired)
  • Get tokenised equity (to be issued soon)
  • Get a unique investor card (via Plastiq, soon)
  • Custom Shareholder merchandise (apparel and gear)
  • Automatic Beta Invite Registration for all solutions
  • Get Special Discord Roles for Shareholder AMA's and Updates
  • Plus future benefits to be planned and provided!

Who is this option for?

Conservative individuals with early level rewards.


You may purchase up to 100 shares in order to maximise your rewards for participating, with a drop-down menu to choose from 1 share to bulk options of 10, 25, 50 and 100 shares.

  • Orders for more than 100 shares will not be accepted
  • Do not adjust the cart quantity (you may cause a rejection)
  • Only pay using your own card, crypto or bank account
  • Double-check your order information before paying

Become an partial owner!

Acquire up to 100 shares and join others
in becoming owners in our ecosystem.

£ 10.00 GBP