Dedicated space to our partners where you can learn more about
our connections and how they help us to progress everyday.


Enabling our payroll, payments and banking abilities.

Aspire Partner Logo

Banking Partner in Singapore.

For SGD and USD services.

Payment Processing Partner.

For merchandise sales.

Banking Partner in the UK.

For services in 20+ currencies.


Enabling a range of technical and functional services.

Chainlink Partner Logo

Oracle and Data Partner.

For dedicated price feeds.

Encrypted Email Provider.

For secure communications.

KYC/AML Provider.

For global compliance.

Digital Business Services.
For SG and HK entities.

Design and Development.

For hosting and website.

NFTs and DAOs

Developing connections throughout crypto.


For NFTs, DAOs and More.


For their upcoming NFT series.

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Partner Requests

If you're interested in becoming our partners, send
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Marketing Group

All of our partners will be invited to a brand
new marketing group that we're calling M3.