Providing a shining light, for the world of wildlife


Luminites is an upcoming series focused on preserving wildlife with every NFT minted and purchased, transparently and indefinitely via Solana.


Our series will start will use animals that are loved around the world.

  • Each animal will be linked to a preservation effort in the real world
  • As NFTs are minted, 70% of the revenue will be sent to preservation efforts
  • As NFTs are purchased, 90% of the royalties will be sent to preservation efforts

All remaining funds will be re-invested into the Artist involved, to continue the series.

Animals and Funds

Our list of starting animals and the preservation efforts to be utilised.

Fund: Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI)

Fund: WWF (Australia)

Fund: Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Dinosaur (T-Rex)
Fund: National History Museum, Palaeontology Society

  • 5th animal to be decided upon
  • NFT Reveals coming very soon!
  • Multiple backgrounds and accessories READY!! (no hints though)


Users will be able to use and stake their Luminites in an upcoming game.

  • Each animal will be linked to it's natural habitat or "biome" and users will be able to visit, explore and earn, based on the NFTs held
  • Biomes will be used to release new animals in the future , increasing the depth of preservation support provided by this game + series

This utility will use of the "Catch em all" aspect from Pokemon alongside the basis of the movie "Zootopia" to provide a truly beneficial utility (for all parties).


  • Minting Price has not yet been established
  • Game Name has not yet been decided upon