Tokenised Equity, Exclusive Benefits and more!

Compare the benefits

Everyone is a whale but with their own reward level.

Tiny Whale
Average Whale
Mega Whale

Core Benefits

LRA Airdrop (per share)
Investor Debit Card
Tokenised Equity
Bonus Trade Volume
+ 250 SOL
+ 500 SOL
+ 1,000 SOL

Sub Benefits

Investor Discord Roles
Investor Merchandise
Alpha-Stage Invites
Beta-Stage Invites
Future Benefits
Volume Discounts
15% lifetime discount
25% lifetime discount
50% lifetime discount

Frequent Questions

Learn more about this module and how to take part

How can I participate?

1) Place an order above (to reserve your shares)
2) Pass our verification checks via Onfido (KYC/AML)
3) Receive all required paperwork to review and sign

It's just that simple. Please note that if you do not pass the KYC/AML process you will be given a full refund.

How much can I purchase?

You can purchase up to 100 shares to maximise your rewards by a healthy figure however, you may only choose one reward plan.

You may also add 1 share and adjust the cart quantity (up to 100) to acquire a reward rate that works for you (not just for the majority).

Do not go above 100 shares or we will have to reject your order.

Where can I purchase from?

This offer is not open to citizens of the United States, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Myanmar, Brunei, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan or any other jurisdiction where the use of cryptocurrencies is prohibited.

If you are from any other country, you may take part.

How will raised capital be spent?

- 30% will be spent on creating/increasing liquidity pools
- 50% will be spent on development and marketing
- 10% will be spent on acquiring local offices (UK, EU and Singapore)
- 5% will be spent on operational costs and service fees
- 5% will be spent on team bonuses and salaries

What entity will I own part of?

Participants will be allocated a stake in an entity as follows;

UK participants will receive a stake in a based UK entity.

EU participants will receive a stake in a EU based entity (this also applies to any Swiss participants too).

Asia based participants will receive a stake in a Singapore based entity (this also applies to participants throughout Asia*).

All other participants will receive a stake in a UK based entity.

* Participants from China (including Hong Kong and Macau) will receive a stake in a Hong Kong registered entity.

Who is hosting the module?

Nimble Innovation Asia Pte. Ltd is the hosting entity.

All participants will be interacting with this entity when placing an order as well as when signing all required documentation.

Stakes acquired will also be issued by this entity. All stakes will be held by this entity until the creation of independent bodies.

How will stock be issued?

We aim to issue our stock on both Solana and Algorand with a cross-chain bridge to allow users to alternate between networks.

Our pursuit of using cross-chain tokenised stock relies on external projects so this may or may not occur depending on their progress.

Will this involve governance?

Yes, tokenised stockholders will be able to take part in an open governance structure at a later date.