Completely Non-Custodial

We're developing the first ever non-custodial cross-chain P2P exchange where you, the user, remains in control at all times, no matter how or what you're trading.


We do not handle your funds


We utilise multi-sig vaults


Simple like WalletConnect

Feature Image
Feature Image

Diverse Offering

Operations for 100+ countries globally and 50+ supported payment methods, you'll be able to trade how you want.

Plus with access to Solana, Aptos, Near, Aurora, Ethereum, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain, it's the most diverse offering in P2P trading history.

Smart Features

As well as a list of innovative smart features that will work to provide a safer, more transparent platform for all.

Such as consumer-facing analytics like risk assessments, allowing individuals to make better decisions while setting a new standard for P2P trading.

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Register Interest

It's one of the most exciting solutions in-development and you can register your interest for early reward below before we roll out our Solana (Alpha) during 2023.

Register Now

All registrations will be eligible for our upcoming token airdrop for Lumos Rewards (LRA) and Alpha Access.

Limited to one registration per person.