Built for Solana's Global Userbase


Retain full control over your funds and directly with your Solana wallet.

Global Service

Trade SOL and SPL assets in 186 countries, with other enthusiasts.

Global Payments

Utilise 50+ payment methods from bank payments to e-money services.

No Trading Fee

That's right, you'll only need to pay for your network fees when trading.

Epic Analytics

Real time analytics for supported assets, powered by Chainlink.

LRA Integrated

Earn and stack LRA with every trade performed and cash out in seconds.


Supported Assets

Our exchange will support a total of 25 initial assets, the current list is as follows;

SOL, LRA, SRM, GRAPE, ATLAS, POLIS, RAY, SOLAPE, LINK, RIN, ORCA, JUP, COPE, LUNA and SOLEND (10 more assets to be chosen on Mar 25th 2022 by the community!).

Supported Currencies

Our exchange will provide prices in USD, EUR and GBP with the list expanding to cover local currencies as used by our community such as in Indonesia (IDR) and India (INR).

Supported Wallets

Integrated Security