Save the World

Individuals around the world are working to reduce climate change by planting trees, recycling and a range of other actions however not everyone does contributes.

So how can we incentivise the world to save itself?


We all love convenience


Many people love NFTs

Feature Image
Feature Image

Our Offering

We're working on providing a powerful yet simplistic utility that will take our surplus action and making it available to others to purchase using SOL or USDC.

Quick, easy and convenient climate action.

Private Market

Plus we're working on a lightweight, private marketplace (invite only) to enable users to buy and sell their actions.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Register Interest

It's one of the most exciting solutions in-development and you can register your interest for early reward below before we roll out our Solana (Alpha) during 2023.

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All registrations will be eligible for our upcoming token airdrop for Lumos Rewards (LRA) and Alpha Access.

Limited to one registration per person.