Debit Cards

Ushering in a new phase for Solana

Global Payments

Spend SOL or SPL assets in-store or online, in 186 countries with a card.

Fiat Settlements

Convert SOL or SPL assets into GBP, EUR or USD for fiat card payments.

LRA Cashback

Earn cash back in LRA and apply it towards your next purchase.

Backup Funding

Avoid missed payments by linking a card to PLASTIQ, for instant funding.

Mobile App

PLASTIQ will have a mobile app and ready to integrate within other apps.

Joint Venture

PLASTIQ is a joint venture lead by Lumos and backed by Nimble.


Seeking Licensing

At this time Nimble is applying for the relevant licensing and permissions to begin the development of PLASTIQ.

More news will be available as the pursuit has progressed.