Lumos Rewards (LRA)

Lumos Rewards (LRA) is a reward asset that can be earned from community events, referrals and general usage of our exchange as well as our other solutions.

It's the staple of our wealth-driven community.

Token Information

As LRA is a new asset it may not be automatically supported by your wallet, if this is the case, use the following information to add a custom token;

  • Name: Lumos Rewards
  • Symbol: LRA
  • Decimals: 9
  • Mint Address: FMJotGUW16AzexRD3vXJQ94AL71cwrhtFaCTGtK1QHXm

Find out more

You can learn more about Lumos Rewards over in the Library.

Plus you can also view realtime price of LRA using the chart below.